Terms of Service

Graphic Design

  • Enslaved Design is available outside normal business hours.  We are unable to correct, build, design or distribute files or finished artwork during the hours of 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.  If we have a scheduled absence or leave coming up which may interfere with distribution of finished art – we’ll let you know when we receive your brief
  • Enslaved Design will supply an estimate (quotation) on the job outlined on the brief sheet.  Variations from the details on the brief sheet may result in a higher estimate being issued
  • Please allow 5 working days from payment of deposit to supply of finished artwork.  If we believe a job will take longer than that – we’ll tell you when we issue your estimate.  Changes in size, scale, layout, diecut, shape or aspect from the original brief will result in additional waiting times and charges for final artwork
  • Clients must complete a brief for every new artwork piece
  • If a brief is amended during work (this includes but is not limited to changes to size, aspect or shape of a piece) – a new estimate will be supplied taking into account additional work/resources needed.  Design work will restart when new estimate is accepted by the client
  • Enslaved Design can arrange print and apparel quotations through our preferred suppliers but we take responsibility for completion and supply of artwork only.  Any problems with the finished product will need to be raised with the appropriate company directly
  • Signing a completed brief sheet or estimate is acceptance of our process, payment  terms and terms of service
  • When the client accepts the estimate a job number will be created and work will begin
  • Please refer to our “Payment” section for payment options and terms
  • All work remains the property of Enslaved Design till the balance of the invoice is paid in full
  • We believe in unlimited proofs – so we will keep working until your perfectly happy with the artwork
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to proof all artwork and copy provided on a proof carefully.  Acceptance of the proof signifies the information is correct and no further changes need to be made.  Enslaved Design is not responsible for any errors found after a proof is accepted
  • Colours appear differently on screen to when an item is printed.  Factors to consider are how an item is to be printed (plate or digital press) and what stock the item is to be printed on.  Enslaved Design is not responsible for any discrepancies or variations in print work.  Please ask for a production sample prior to proceeding with your print job – we are happy to make any amendments to artwork at this stage to ensure the print run progresses smoothly
  • Images, code, promotions and copy can appear differently on different browsers or email servers.  Enslaved Design is not responsible for any discrepancies or variations on electronic media.  Please see your web specialist for more information on electronic media
  • Please see our website (www.enslaveddesign.net) or facebook page (www.facebook.com/enslaveddesign) for current examples of our work



  • Enslaved Design customises WordPress to suit clients website needs. WordPress allows clients to login for the purpose of editing and updating their website without further charge
  • We DO NOT write or use JavaScrip applications for our sites
  • While WordPress is a very flexible engine – we need to work within it’s confines, we endeavour to create exactly what our clients envision but we do need to work within the confines of WordPress and the e-commerce package WooCommerce


  • Before work begins please read over this document which also acts as Enslaved Design’s website terms of trade – contracting us to build your website is deemed acceptance of all the terms in this document
    • If you decide to contract us to purchase and set up your hosting plan we will require your ABN number for any .com.au domain names
    • While not essential, Enslaved Design highly recommends you register your business name as added protection against intellectual property theft. This doesn’t replace TradeMarks or Patents but it does help your case
    • We will need a full website brief this MUST include:
      • Your HiRes company logo (if your logo is not in the correct file format we can recreate it for a fee (outlined in the extra’s section of our pricing structure)
      • The number of pages (menu items) your website will have on creation
      • A list websites that you both like and dislike
    • For a commerce site we also need:
      • Hi Resolution images of all products (minimum of 500kb in file size)
      • Price of each item
      • A unique product code
      • A short product description
      • A long and detailed product blurb
      • Brand (if applicable)
      • Accurate weight and dimensions
      • Subsequent photos (like usage etc) – optional but makes the site more appealing
    • All text for your respective website pages (about us, contact etc etc) plus any additional photography you would like featured (photos will need a minimum file size of 500kb)
    • Your promotable or message for your front page on site opening

Please note: we do offer copy writing and photography services for additional fees. If your photos do not meet the minimum file size requirements or would like some additional situational photography taken this will come at an extra charge. We have an on staff photographer that will handle all photography needs.


  • While the site is under construction a landing or “coming soon” page will be displayed while the rest of the site will be available for proofing in the background.  All care is taken by Enslaved Design to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes (content will be copied and pasted where possible) but it is the clients responsibility to complete final checks and approve the site before it’s made live

The Build

  • Even on a simple website there is a minimum of 15-20 hours work involved getting to the proofs stage – including liaising with host and client, installation, build, graphics, typesetting. E-commerce websites which require products to be uploaded, photography to be etched and corrected can easily take an additional 10 hours
  • During our business hours (please see below Availability) this can take 2-4 weeks of work


  • Quoted pricing is through the Enslaved Design preferred host – some costs are recurring. All invoices relating to hosting, domain names and SSL certificates are STRICTLY 7 days. Due to the investment on Enslaved Designs part accounts exceeding 7 days will be placed on stop immediately.  All current work (website and otherwise) will be stopped until account is brought into balance
  • If the client decides to contract their own host, the host MUST be compatible with WordPress, the plan must have enough space and bandwidth and the host must use Cpanel – all login details will need to be supplied to Enslaved Design
  • All hosts are different – from our experience you get what you pay for – we recommend you stay away from low cost hosts
  • Problems with websites do occur on the side of the host – Enslaved Design is not liable or accountable for any host side problems or outages

SSL Certificate

  • It is HIGHLY recommended by Enslaved Design that ALL commerce sites have an SSL certificate attached to them from the start – as your site grows the SSL certificate class will need to be revisited. The bottom level of cover from our preferred host is up to $10,000 – if your site is turning over more that this in a 3 month period please ask about an upgrade
  • Clients must be aware that if their site is hacked or skimmed and they have elected not to have an SSL certificate or are using one with the incorrect amount of coverage they are liable for ALL losses


  • Enslaved Design is not liable or responsible for loss of data or income that is the result of hacking or skimming. There are several ways clients can protect themselves from loss in the event of hacking of site skimming:
    • Complex Passwords: Make sure that your password is obscure, contains letters numbers and symbols, do not save your password to your computer or to a computer based application – write it somewhere safe, type it in fresh when you login
    • Regular Site Back Ups: Back up your site regularly using the installed software or using the WordPress instructions for making up a site back up
      • As practice, Enslaved Design will preform a back up each time they are contracted for changes or site improvements
      • Backups that are NOT a part of contracted maintenance will come at a cost of $15 each and will be stored on the Enslaved Design server – a total of 3 back ups will be kept at any one time
      • If there is not a current site back up the host will need to be contacted for site recovery – there is a cost associated with this from the host – Enslaved Design will pass on this charge in full plus a $35 fee for host relations
      • Please note, not all hosts offer this service. If you selected host does not your site will be restored from the last viable backup. All other data will be lost
    • Purchasing the RIGHT SSL certificate for your site – if you choose not to or you do not choose a cover applicable this could result in large financial losses if skimming occurs
    • WordPress plugin based protection – this can be installed at an additional cost (please see pricing)

Accidental site and template damage

  • Enslaved Design is not liable for any accidental damage or erasure of data from the site. After the site build is complete Enslaved Design will ONLY login to the site when contracted to do so by the client. Problems occurring outside Enslaved Design’s contracted maintenance are not the fault, responsibility or liability of Enslaved Design


  • Payment can be made via Direct Deposit or Paypal “Pay Anyone” (client pays currency conversion and transfer fees)
  • A deposit of 20% (of the estimate) is required prior to the commencement of work
  • Settlement of the balance of design/creative work is required 28 days after final approval
  • Settlement of the balance of print work/apparel is required 14 days after final approval
  • If a client is unhappy with the end result of creative/design work a full refund of the deposit will be issued within 5 working days.  Final artwork files will not be provided when a refund has been issued
  • If a client is unhappy with the end result of print or apparel creation Enslaved Design will consider a refund of the artwork/liaison fee portion of the job.  A refund for product will need to be discussed with the vendor